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Sarcoptic Mange

Coco presented with a chronic history of hair loss (alopecia) and
intense itching. Diagnostic testing revealed the presence of Sarcoptic
mange with a secondary bacterial infection. In addition, Coco
had severe dry eye or KCS.

Coco was treated with antibiotics for the bacterial infection, with
Revolution for sarcoptic mange, and with cyclosporine eye drops for
the dry eye.

Over the next several months, Coco improved significantly. Sarcoptic
mange is a contagious mite that is easily transmitted from dog to
dog. In addition, sarcoptic mange is zoonotic--people can become
infected. Other dermatologic diseases including Demodex (a different
mite), allergies, bacterial infections, yeast infections, and autoimmune
diseases can cause similar dermatologic disease. A careful history,
physical exam, and appropriate diagnostic testing are necessary for
correct diagnosis and treatment.

This is Coco today...with plenty of hair!

Special thanks to Coco's owners for allowing us to share this case.

Karen Blakeley, DVM, MPH
22 March 2003