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Clipper Alopeica

Meet Daytona. Like many longer haired dogs, Dakota is shaved down each spring.
This allows him to be cooler during the hot summer months. As the summer progresses
his hair will grow back and he will be full coated for the winter.

Last year, after being shaved, the top half of his body regrew normal hair while the
bottom half of his body did not. There are several skin conditions that can cause
alopecia or hair loss and/or poor growing hair. Most of these conditions are endocrine
diseases such as hypothyroidism, Cushings disease, or seasonal flank alopecia. In
addition, a condition called clipper alopecia or groomers alopecia can cause this
phenomenon. Dakota had several blood tests and a skin biopsy to confirm that the
cause of his hair loss was indeed, groomers alopecia. The biopsies also revealed
that his hair follicles were in a state that would allow him to regrow new hair.

Over the next several months, Dakota finally grew his hair back. Today, he looks
perfectly normal. Many dogs with groomers alopecia will eventually grow new hair.
However, some will not. There is no known cause for this condition and no specific

Special thanks to Daytona's owners for allowing us to share this case.

Karen Blakeley, DVM, MPH
3 July 2005