All Pets Veterinary Clinic

Foreign Body Removal

Ginger presented with a history of vomiting. The owners suspected
that Ginger had eaten a large quantity of Q-tips. An x-ray confirmed
the owner's suspicions!

The red circle demonstrates the enlarged stomach full of Q-tips.

Given the large quantity of Q-tips, we elected for surgical removal
versus retrieval via endoscopy. After Ginger was placed under
general anesthesia, clipped, and scrubbed, an incision was made
in the ventral abdomen.

The stomach (blue arrow) was exposed and packed off from the rest
of the abdomen. An incision was made in the stomach (green arrow)
and the Q-tips were removed.

An estimated 200 Q-tips were removed from the stomach. Ginger
recovered well and is doing fine! She continues to try to get
into the trash on a regular basis!

Special thanks to Ginger's owners for allowing us to share this case.

Karen Blakeley, DVM, MPH
22 March 2003