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Forelimb Wounds--Hit By Car

Gracie is a Great Dane pup that was hit by a car this summer.
Gracie experienced mild head trauma, moderate chest trauma,
and severe forelimb trauma. Gracie had severe swelling and lacerations
of both front legs without any fractures. After several days
of treatment for shock, head trauma, and bleeding in the chest
(hemothorax), Gracie's forelimb wounds were attended to.

The first wound (above), on the inside of her elbow, was a very deep wound
that extended down to the bone. Multiple layers of muscle were torn and
damaged. After cleaning the wounds, the layers were sutured closed,
and a drain was placed.

The second wound was on the inside of her other front leg. The leg
was very swollen and the wound was very large. Due to the amount of
swelling and damage the wound could not be closed fully. Both front
legs were bandaged and Gracie was placed on antibiotics and pain medications.
Over the next several weeks Gracie continued to heal.

Watch for new pictures of Gracie now that she is fully recovered!

Special thanks to Gracie's owner for allowing us to share this case.

Karen Blakeley, DVM, MPH
2 August 2004