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Oral Trauma

Lucy received substantial injuries to her nose and oral cavity
after being struck by a car. The oral tissues (gingiva) were torn
off of the maxillary bones (upper jaw). This first picture
demonstrates abnormal mobility in the nose and upper lips.

The nostrils should be at the level of the blue arrow.

Side (lateral) view of oral cavity with lip exposed.

Same picture as above. The blue arrow demonstrates the opening to
the nasal canals. This is where the nose should be attached.
The green line is the where the torn tissue would normally attach.

Front (rostral) view of same injury.

Same picture as above. The upper green line should align with the
the lower green line.

Repaired oral tissues. After cleaning and debriding the damaged
tissues, the nose was realigned and the oral tissues were repaired.
The affected areas healed over the next few weeks. Lucy should not
have any serious long term problems from this injury.

Special thanks to Lucy's owner for allowing us to share this case!

Karen Blakeley, DVM, MPH
24 August 2003