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Caustic Skin Wounds

Meet Scarlet. Scarlet came into the clinic with severe wounds of
unknown origin on her belly and feet.

After sedating Scarlet, we shaved her abdomen and cleaned the wounds.
Several large areas of skin were missing and subcutaneous fat deposits
were protruding where the skin was missing. Other more superficial wounds
and the wounds on her feet suggested that these wounds may be due to a burn
or exposure to a caustic material.

The edges of damaged tissue and exposed fat were resected and a drain was
placed. The healthy edges of skin were sutured together.

Scarelt recovered completely. The drain was removed after 3 days and
the sutures were removed after an additional week. This is Scarlet at the
time of suture removal. Over the next several weeks the scars will continue
to fade and her hair will grow back in.

Special thanks to Scarlet's owners for allowing us to share this case.

Karen Blakeley, DVM, MPH
15 November 2003