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Skin Problems In Dogs

All three of these dogs presented to the All Pets with the same clinical signs--
hair loss and itching, but each had a distinctly different problem. The first dog
had sarcoptic mange, the second dog had demodectic mange, and the third dog had
a severe bacterial infection that was secondary to allergies.

All three of these conditions, as well as many others, such as ringworm, hypothyroidism,
seasonal flank alopecia, flea allergy, food allergy, yeast infection, and autoimmune
disease, can look exactly the same. Without proper diagnosis, many skin diseases are
likely to progress and worsen.

A battery of tests to rule out these conditions is necessary in any case of chronic
or severe hair loss with or without associated itching. These tests may include: skin
scraping, fungal culture, bacterial culture, biopsy, and various blood tests. Once a
diagnosis is obtained, specific medications can be prescribed to treat the condition(s)
that is/are diagnosed.

All three of these dogs, with appropriate treatment, stopped itching and regrew their hair.

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Karen Blakeley, DVM, MPH
8 October 2005