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Dear Santa,

We have been great pets this year (aside for an occassional scratch at the couch
or stolen trash item) and we would like a few things. Couldn't you please help us out?

Here's what we want:

1. To be spayed or neutered.
Santa, every day over 30,000 dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States.
If my owners get us spayed or neutered they will not only help to cut down on the pet
over population problem but will help us decrease our chance of getting certain types of
cancer when we are older.

2. A dental cleaning.
Our breath is gross! Sometimes we can't even stand to be with ourselves. We see the
looks our owner gives us when we go in to give them a big kiss. If they would lift
up our lips and look they would probably see some tartar and gingivits. Getting
our teeth cleaned would help cut down on our chances of other problems later in life.

3. A rabies shot.
I think this little tag dangling around my neck is a tad bit outdated. Actually, I
don't think the cat has ever had a rabies shot. Do you know what they do to animals
that bite someone and don't have a rabies shot? They end up quarantined or worse,
euthanized for testing! PLEASE, help us get our rabies shots current again Santa.

4. Grooming.
A day at the spa sounds great! My coat is a little dirty and the cat is getting matted.
My toe nails are getting a bit long and the cat's nails are really sharp. (I found this
out the hard way--she smacked me across the nose when I tried to steal her food.) My
ears are a little stinky as well. Oh, (this is kind of embarassing), but lately my butt
has been a bit uncomfortable--I think I need those glands emptied out. Please get us
an appointment with Jane and Julie.

5. Light food or less active food.
We have put on a few extra holiday pounds Santa. It is getting a little harder for us
to run around and play because we are a bit heavy. Some tasty, lower calorie food
will help us lose a little of that "fluff" we have obtained.

6. Heartworm preventative.
The mosquitos just about carried us away this year and I think we have missed a few
doses of our monthly hearworm pills. I hope we don't have heartworms. Please get us
tested and get us some more pills, or the new Proheart shot.

7. Flea control.
Every now and then we get fleas from the neighbor's dog or from just being outside.
We hate the way they make our skin feel. If I happen to catch one running around on
me and eat it I get tapeworms. Please, get us some of that stuff that goes on our back.
It is kind of cold going on but it really works. (Oh, and none of that generic junk
from WalMart. We get a little light headed and dizzy from the generics and we still
end up with fleas.)

8. A microchip.
Last year the cat followed me outside and ran off. Luckily she came home before
she ended up at the pound like I did that one time. If we had microchips implanted
and we did get away and end up at the pound, they could scan us and figure out who we
belonged to. A microchip is permanent and won't get lost like my collar does occasionally.

9. Pre-screening bloodwork for older pets.
As we get a bit older I notice that I am a bit more thirsty and have to go outside
more often. I certainly hope my kidneys aren't going. If you got us a blood test
every year the vet could pick up on problems I am having before my owner noticed
something was wrong. That would mean I would get better treatment earlier.

10. A friend.
We are very happy here but thought it would be pretty neat to have another dog or
cat around. When I got out and ended up at the shelter they had all these great dogs and
cats that needed homes. Santa, if you brought one of them home I think the three
of us could manage to take over the entire bed! I would prefer a dog so we could
gang up and torture the cat but I guess another cat would do.

Well Santa, it is a big list, but see what you can do. We promise we will be model pets.
We will leave you some cookies if we can swipe some from the kids. Unfortunately, you
will have to have them without milk because we cannot figure out how to get the fridge
open. Oh, and you can find a ton of other things we would LOVE to have by clicking the
green box below!

Spot and Fluffy

The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not
intended to take the place of your regular veterinarian. Please do not hesitate
to contact your regular veterinarian if you have questions regarding your pet.

Karen Blakeley, DVM, MPH
14 December 2002